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Spring Happenings

​Annuals & Perennials

We are a retail and wholesale provider for annuals and perennials. Our wide variety of annual and perennial flowers come in all colors and assortments. Our annuals are offered as individual plants, or in flats, baskets and combination planters. Our perennials are sold in quarts and gallons. Need help trying to figure out what will grow best and where? Ask one of our staff members to help you find the perfect plant. Our perennial expert will help you find native plants that will attract butterflies and other pollinators that are so vital to keeping plants alive and growing!

Vegetables, Herbs and Succulents

Thinking of creating your own garden? We have a wide assortment of herbs, fruits and vegetables to get you started. From peppers and tomatoes to melons and zucchini, you will find a great start to growing your own backyard market.

 Looking for something that doesn't need a lot of care in the hot summer months? We have one of the best selection of succulents to choose from. These sun loving plants are drought and heat tolerant which make them perfect for outside. Then bring them in by a nice sunny window in the winter and continue to enjoy them.

We also have mulch, top soil and potting soil to help with your gardening needs.

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